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14 years ago

AQtime editor + compiler directives

I've been running some coverage tests on a delphi project and I've come to the conclusion that AQtime doesn't account for compiler directives when it shows the source code. This means that the marks for whether the code gets used or not are way of place sometimes. This can also be seen by the lines of comments AQtime adds for each procedure/function. Example: I have a Calculate method on line 964 but the comments saying Hit Count, Total lines and all the other stuff for that function are right after line 1024.

Support for compiler directives would be great.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)


    AQtime uses information on source lines that is included into the debug info by the compiler .

    If this information is specified correctly, everything should work fine. I checked this on a couple of sample projects that use compiler directives (Delphi, C#), and everything seemed to function properly. So, I guess, this depend on the compiler version you are using or on the source project. I'd suggest that you send a project illustrating the problem to the Support Team. Also, please specify the Delphi version you are using.