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13 years ago

"ccollab.exe admin review-xml last" gives "no 'last' review" error


I am having a problem whereby issuing the above command results in the following error...

Executing command `ccollab admin review-xml`:

No 'last' review has been recorded

But only from the client tool installation on the server. If I issue the same command from other machines using other client tools installations then I get back the expected XML.

Does anyone have any suggestions for why this might be happening?

It was working fine up until this morning and then it suddenly stopped working.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    Have you used that particular client before with a command that specifies a review number? 'Last' only refers to the last review the client touches, meaning you have to specify a review ID or create a new review in a previous command in order for the client to save and remember that review ID.

    If you have already used another command that calls a specific review ID and the 'last' command option still does not work, we might have to get a debugging log for more information.