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9 years ago

Full activity history of a review

Is there a way in the database to get the full list of activities for a review, including who actioned it?

I was looking to find out who cancelled a review (was cancelled/uncancelled then cancelled again).


The only way was to check the notifications that went out.


The ReviewEevent table just contains an id, reviewid,essentially previous phase, new phase, a time field? and entitytypeid.

can't seem to match this up with a userid?


looks like the reports only show the current state, not the history for all those in between...



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    This is an older issue, but I'm interested in this functionality as well.  We are running v11.2.11201.

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      Hi everyone, 


      As a possible solution, you can check the "ReviewEvent" table. The event type for the phase change is 4. Ref1id is the old phase, and ref2id is a new phase, so you need to find rows that have the event type of 4 and ref2id of the needed phase, for example, 5 - completed.


      So, you can look at all rows with event type 4 to view the phase changes. When you see ref2id with a value of 5, this means that the review was transferred to the completed phase. When you see ref1id of 5, that is a re-open phase, or a transition out of the completed phase. Don't always expect the review to go from the inspection phase to 'completed'. In fact, they can be transferred from almost any phase to completed if certain conditions are met. So, when you need the review to be transferred to the completed phase, don't specify any particular ref1id in your SQL.

      Here are the current phase values:

      1 Planning
      2 Inspection
      3 Fix Defects
      4 Unused
      5 Completed
      6 Cancelled
      7 Rejected
      8 Annotating

      Otherwise, you can check the "Notification" table that contains the triggered notifications. So, you can check the Notification title ("Review #.. canceled" or "Start inspection on new Review #.. (re-opened)") to determine the activity and the "Notification_CreatorID" value to find who causes it.


      I hope this information helps!