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9 years ago

Total Person Time vs Total Reviewer Time

I understand how the "Total Person Time" metric is computed (sum of all participants time) but I can't figure out how "Total Reviewer Time" is computed.  It's not the sum of the reviewers' time.  Is there is a precise definition?


Also, Collaborator keeps track of "Author Time" which is a different amount of time than the author's participant time.


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    The "Total Reviewer time" value is a number of seconds in a non-author role where the role reviews and can manipulate defects.


    As for the Author time, this value is calculated as a number of seconds spent as the author while the review was being inspected. If the value is wrong, please submit a support ticket, so we can investigate the issue.

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      I was unable to fully understand the first sentence of the reply that explains what "Total Reviewer Time" means.  Please re-state.


      Thank You