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13 years ago

Upload performance


We have found that uploading files to Code Collaborator for review (whether via the perforce plugin or from the command line) seems rather slow. There seems to be an overhead of one to two seconds per file, irrespective of file size. This can result in a large change-list taking several minutes to upload. Is this expected? Is there anything we can do to improve it?

We have switched the server Code Collaborator runs on to a more powerful machine, which has improved the responsiveness of the website, but made no difference to the per-file upload speed. Network bandwidth/performance doesn't seem to be the issue either, as we see the same per-file overhead if we test with 1-byte files or with 100-kilobyte files.

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    Hi Stephen,

    v6.5.6500 included file upload support improvements, so upgrading your CodeCollaborator server and clients to the latest version may help with this issue. However, if you have unusually large changelists, this is unfortunately somewhat expected.

    We'd also be happy to look at your debugging log for any unusual errors or behavior if you'd like. Just send the debug log to

    To get the debugging log from the Perforce plugin, edit the custom tool configuration (Tools > Manage Custom Tools > Edit) and add a --debug argument to the argument list.  This will create a ccollab.log file in the "current working directory" which is either the Perforce install directory or the "Start in" directory specified in the Custom Tool configuration.

    On the GUI client menu, select 'Help' then 'Capture Debugging Log', reproduce the issue, and then save and send us the log.
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    Thanks. I have emailed a log in to your support. I have version 6.5.6502. I notice our server is running with the 'trial-only' database; it's under very light load so far, but is the trial database especially slow and would cause a problem?


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