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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] extract data from response


is it possible to extract data from response headers?


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    It's more complex..

    I do a GET request, then the server redirects to a distinct URL and appends to it the  parameter that I interested

    Can I get this parameter in any way?
  • The response may have a link to the destination url for browsers that cannot handle redirects. You can parse the response in this case. Please check your 3xx response body.
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    Response body is empty, the new URL is written only on the field "Location" in the response header
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      i have similar problem with LoadComplete 3.2.

      we can't implement this different as suggested here as the scenario is a sign in to our application with an openID auth/auth2.


      LoadComplete did the coleration automatically but can't extract the value.


      any other help / suggestion (it's urgent) how to do this is highly appreciated.