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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Is it possible to create my own custom funtion using LoadUi Web?


I have a complicated scenario to be recorded in which I might need to create my own cutom funtions. These functions would be performing some kind of calculations and the output of the function will then be required to be substituted in some request.

Like in Load Runner, we can create such functions. Is it possible to do the same using LoadUi Web?

Also, can we add loop conditions to any request using this tool?

Could someone please help me with this?

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  • There is no custom function feature in LoadUIWeb. It's best to stick to "hand-off" style operations in a load testing tool, and leave the conjugation processes up to the server (in source code).

    While in nominal circumstances this seems useful, it's really easy to over-use this kind of functionality (as I have seen many people do in other tools) and thereby introduce unrealistic skew into test results unknowingly. People tend to start with simple string manipulations, but then either the developers change something and break the testing custom functions, or the function performs mutable operations (on non-immutable data structures) that drag the results down when run on mass scale.