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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Regular expression for data selector

Hi, I need to use a data selector for a dynamic ID in a response to use in subsequent requests. The reponse looks like this:


So I have created a data selector with the name of "rid", subexpression "$1" and with the following regex: 


And in the follwing requests I use it as follow:


Is this correct? Is the regex not including the "rid=" part, which leads to a request of:


instead of the wanted:


Just want to make sure I make the correct regex here.

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  • Looks right to me, though if you've wrapped this regex in parenthesis, it itself will be the first subexpression.

    But this test proves that you've got the right expression:

    If you still have trouble, try changing the subexpression value from $1 to $2, just to see if it is being caught as a subexpression.