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8 months ago

What documents can be viewed in Load Ninja

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I want to run a test where I can view several documents within the solution. Is there a restriction on what documents LoadNinja works with or doesn't allow. From what I have heard you cannot view PDFs in Load Ninja.

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    Hi Ramzan_Sheikh 


    LoadNinja is a load testing tool that supports various document types, but there are limitations. It can handle HTML, XML, JSON, and other web-based documents. Still, it's true that LoadNinja doesn't natively support rendering PDFs or other non-web documents like Word or Excel files.

    If your test scenario requires viewing PDFs or other non-supported documents, consider using a tool like Selenium or Applitools, which offer more advanced document rendering capabilities.

    For you awareness LoadNinja's primary focus is load testing web applications, so it's best suited for testing web-based documents. If you need to test non-web documents, consider using a tool more specialized in that area.

    PS: This response inputs might also carry some research outcomes from the open source / blogs / user guide

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