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7 years ago

Bug with Automation

Reproduce Steps:

1. Launch QAComplete

2. Make sure to have at least 2 Test hosts

3. Create a Test Case with automation.

4. Set Test Host to A in "Edit" Test Case

5. On the Test Library List page, click the arrow to "Run" test

6.  Select Run on Host, (should be A) change it to B.
7. Now the test case should be A, but the run should be aiming at B.

8. Run the Automated Test Case.


Actual Results:

On the Host A's computer, the tsService.exe CMD prompt is constantly appearing, it will not go away as long as the run is on. Host B will never run the test case. If you update the Test Case and say Host B and not A, it then works.


Excepted Results:

Host A's computer should have no communication with the test agent. The automated test case should fire off on Host B's computer.

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    Please open a support ticket for this issue. We'll investigate this behavior along with our product team.

    It would be great if you provided us with the following details in the support ticket:

    1. What QAComplete and Test Agent version you are using.
    2. What agents are registered for test host A and test host B (TestComplete, ReadyAPI, TestNG, etc.)?
    3. What kind of auto test you are facing the problem with (TestComplete, ReadyAPI, TestNG, etc.)?
    4. It can be useful if you sent us a screencast demonstrating the problem.