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13 years ago

Import Requirements - link requirements to releases

When importing requirements from a CSV file, does import have the functionality to link requirements to releases?

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  • Hi, Is there a way to do this as a batch or Group edit?

    I do not want to manually go through and create the link to the release for each of the 100 requirements I just imported.
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      What is the current status for this request?


      I will have to create several releases over time and I need to reassign to a release all the same requirements that applied to the prior one. Requirements are organized in a large folder structure and can be over 1000.


      How can I do this in 3 easy (and quick) steps?

  • Hi Deepika -

    The import from CSV does not import any "traceability", which is how items are linked up to each other - it only imports the data.

    You can quickly link items to a Release by going to the Releases tab and clicking on the "Link Items" icon next to the Release. That takes you to the Traceability screen, where you can select the type of data to link (Requirements, Test Sets) and use a Filter to retrieve the data.