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7 years ago

<BUG?> ReadyAPI 2.4.0 displays hints freezes the application



My first run of my project in the new version ReadyAPI v2.4.0 got me a bit frustrated as the program suddenly froze. I couldn't navigate anymore only option was to kill ReadyAPI. 

It occurred  while I was running my tests at project level and navigated to a rest request which was in failed status. I had no clue why it froze. There was not a background window open, no visual indications why it got stuck, I couldn't click anywhere...


Only later, after restart of the program, I saw that there was a new feature called "hints". I now assume this was the reason for the program to hang. This never occurred on 2.3.0 and I could see in the logs the tests were still running in the background. So this seems a pure front end related bug. It might have been a one off, but getting this in my first run is not a good sign :-)


What I'd like to see: An option to turn of this "hints" display. Although a very valid feature, it will become rapidly an annoying issue, especially if causes freezes.


Besides this: nice job Smartbear, good to see a quick update with some very cool new stuff (and fair amount of bug fixes)!  :smileyhappy: