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8 years ago

Assertion fail for valid HTTP code 204

In earlier versions than 1.9 of ReadyApi the assertion for HTTP 204 worked fine. 

In this version I get failed assertion for HTTP code 204 when i response header returns "Content-Length: 0"

with error message:

"Wrong server response: responses with the 204 status code must not contain the "Content-Length" header."


I can't find anything on that supports that Content-lenghth header is not allowed.


Is there any reason why this assertions behavior have changed?

I tested in version 1.8.5 and there it works fine

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    Hello, detvetdu,

    thanks for reaching out us, this assertion behaviour was changed basing on customer's request. Here is some additional information about that:


    According to section 3.3.2 of RFC 7230 (Proposed Standard, RFC 7230):


    A server MUST NOT send a Content-Length header field in any response
    with a status code of 1xx (Informational) or 204 (No Content). A
    server MUST NOT send a Content-Length header field in any 2xx
    (Successful) response to a CONNECT request (Section 4.3.6 of

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      If you add extra check in the assertion for http codes you add assertions for standard as well.

      Shouldn't that be an assertion for the header is following the http standard?


      I agree that http 204 should not contain content length header. But the assertions for valid http codes do to much check with this new feature.



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      Ok, just tried the maintenance build and that fixed the problem.  Thanks!

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    At least it would be nice if the end-user would have control over this behaviour. Can this option be turned of somewhere so that not all our tests that assert on a 204 fail due to this? In the mean time the dev team can start implementing the fix for no longer sending the 'content-length' header ...


    I could be mistaken, but it seems that this change is also not included in the release notes for version 1.9 ...

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        We recently installed Ready! API 1.9.0 and I am finding this behavior of HTTP 204 asserts failing due to a Content Length being specified in the response header.


        I was looking for a workaround that could be applied at the virt level (e.g. in a response script) that would suppress the sending of the content length.  Does anyone else have a workaround for this, either at the virt level or at the assert level?