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5 years ago

How to do Shared Commit in SOAPUI Pro , I dont see that option.

I am working on 2 files and would like to commit in only one file. How to do it ,as I dont see the option under GIT in SOAP UI Pro .


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    You may use git command utility to do so provided both files are independent (not related).
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      Thank you nmrao and richie for participation!


      Hellotest , have you tried following the advice? Was it a success?

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    Hey Hellotest,

    Sorry im not understanding in your title you mention "shared commit" which is, the way ive always considered multiple users updating the same branch, but you mention that youre working on two files and you only want to commit in one of them.

    Can you add a little clarity to your post?

    What do you mean commiti g updates on one file out of two?

    What do you mean by "file" in this instance?