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9 years ago

How to generate report with testrunner.bat without over writing existing report files ?



when i run testrunner.bat for each testsuite, it's just over writing report file.

how to modify parameter of testrunner to generate new files each time we execute testrunner?

how can i generate report in pdf format? i try .PDF in Reports formats, it does not work for me, there are only html format.

i'm using ready api pro version


Thank you


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    Have you tried running from Ready! API ui also? Does it work as aniticipated?
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      yes it's over writing the existing report file each time i run testrunner from ready api

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    Hi Davy,


    You can specify the –f argument for each test run. It will identify a root folder where your report will be saved. You can use date/time of the test run in the folder name. In this case, each report will be saved to its own folder.


    As for the other question about exporting reports to the PDF format, first of all, the –F argument (where you specify the exported format) is available only in the Pro version. Are you using SoapUI NG Pro? If you are, please note that the runner can ignore -F argument depending on the value of the -R argument. Please refer to the following online article for more information: