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8 years ago

Is there a way to disable in-advertising in ReadyAPI?

I use ReadyAPI 1.9.0 with a valid license, and I've noticed that over the last few versions that more and more in-program advertising for ReadyAPI keeps cropping up. I work on an isolated network, so having links that are all over the UI that want to force me to Smart Bear's website tends to cause a lot of problems. These links/buttons are in the way and are close enough to parts of the UI that are actually important that I find myself clicking them at least a handful of times a day.


Is there an option to toggle all of this clutter off? 

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    In the current Ready! API version, it is not possible to disable the context advertising.


    However, in the upcoming Ready! API 2.0 we've totally redesigned the Start Page and implemented many general UI improvements. I hope you'll find our new design more convenient.

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      When will the new version be available ?