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6 months ago

readyapi Database connection

in our project, when I add a datasource step and try to add, and choose JDBC as Data Source, and try to add connection I get a pop that says "Connection properties have changed. Do you want to build a query?", I choose Yes to see table like the screenshot below, since I want to select visually database and fields, but it takes very long time like 7 mins to see all databases, is this something expected to take that long, or is there any other solution for that? It is large database, so is there anyway maybe that readyapi does caching?? or any other solutions for large database.


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    Hi kadir

    this is not an unusual behaviour, unfortunately. Probably has to do something with retrieving all the table information. I use the workarround of creating my DB query in a dedictaed DB tool (eg. DB visualizer or Squirrel or even an editor).

    When readyapi asks me if I want to build a query I press no and paste the query directly into the query window. 

    Saves me a lot of time.



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      I do exactly the same thing for this reason.  Not ideal and maybe SmartBear should improve it, but El-Jodi 's suggestion is a very good workaround

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      Hey kadir 

      ChrisAdams  & El-Jodi are spot on - people were posting about how slow and problematic the query builder function is over 3 years ago.  Looks like SmartBear never got around to fixing the issue




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    May be you want to quickly check with Customer support.