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9 years ago

can soapui run commands on a unix server

I may be posting this in the completly wrong area if someone can point me where to look i would greatly appreciate it.


I am writing an automated script to end to end test our companies api and need to validate information stored on a unix server that has the following requirements. (this is what i do know and understand)

I use a putty session from a windows machine to connect to these unix servers due to security restrictions the servers i need to access can only be gotten from specific putty sessions.


A) soapui would need to connect to an existing putty session that i have open already


B) the server is secured with a user name and password , i can store this information in a variable and push it through when needed - that much i think i understand


C) the server then takes set commands and returns a very structured output that i would need to capture or read into a buffer - possibly as a string.


what i dont know !

can soap ui connect to said unix server or servers send the stored username and password and then the required commands.

i would imagine this would require some kind of groovy script , is there a built in test step for this kind of function 


any direction would be extreamly helpfull 

as i got voluntold to learn soap and have only been at it about a 2 months now im still not sure of the nomenclature so if i said something incorrectly i do apologize.

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    I hope you might have gone thru some search on the internet.


    SoapUI is a tool to test the soap / rest / jdbc etc. Among them groovy is supported which is more powerful to achieve different tasks in order to achieve automation. For more details regarding Soapui visit


    The one you looking for is entirely different, soapui is not really meant for that kind of functionality. 

    I would suggest to look at where that is possible.

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    Thank you for the reply,


       I did find a way to make this work useing a groovy script and the java jsch.  

    It even works if you have 2 factor authentication.



    The above site pretty much gave me all the information needed to create a connection.


    word of note:  when addressing arrays in a soap groovy script use hard brackets not curly brackets.

    Object[] options=[ "yes", "no" ];

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      can you give me a brief idea on how you did it because i am facing the same problem and been searching for the answer in many forums,if you could provide me with the materials you referred or the method you followed it would be great


      thank you