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7 years ago

How to correctly specify multiple query REST API in SOAPUI ?

So I have this difficult query I should make in SOAPUI but I dont get the correct result.


The request is http://localhost/XXXXX/YYY/1.1/ZZZZZ/QQQQQ/111111;222222;33333/2017-01-01/null/1;2;3/DDD/-1/5000


I know how you set the endpoint and Ressource


Endpoint = http://localhost

Ressource = XXXXX/YYY/1.1/ZZZZZ/QQQQQ/111111

Parameters = ;222222;33333 as Matrix/Ressource


but in the paramters how to specify the the ones after the slash "/2017-01-01/... " and the other parts?