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2 years ago

Listener events not getting registed when running through maven

I have a java utility created by implementing the 





The utililty jar when placed in soapui /ext is able to register the events and thereby create the reports when running the test suite.


The same utility when running through maven soapui plugin is not registering any events:


1) I placed the utility in the <maven project>/ext location

2) created xml file in the <maven project>/listener location

3) Used the soapui maven plugin 5.7 to run the scripts

4) the scripts run, and in the logs I see it registered the listener classes for suite, project and the test step


However after the script execution I do not see the report file generated, I tried to add debug lines by flushing to the soapui logs as

well as the system out. nothing printed out proving those methods(beforeRun , afterRun) were not even called


Can someone provide some pointers here if the soapui listeners work with soapui maven plugin ?

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