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6 years ago

SoapUI on Windows 10 screens not working properly

I have SoapUI installed on Windows 7 and 10. (7 to be retired and is now just a backup).


The screens from SoapUI are eradic.  I think there is some type of install issue.


I have already uninstalled and re-installed but it didn't help.


I select a project/request.  And the screen change and new one popup with every click and/or move of the soapui window even though I have not requested a new request window to be opened..


I have attached a screen shot.


I cannot use SoapUI as it is now.


Is there a Window 10 problem or how can I completely remove SoapUI and all of it's folders and files to see if a re-install fixes it.

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      Hi all,


      Thanks for drawing my attention to this, HimanshuTayal!

      Let me refer to our support engineers with this, stay tuned.



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        Hi QuickBooksDev,


        Our support team replied that they have not faced any Win 10-related issues of this kind. I have found a similar topic in the Community - Screen rendering on Windows 10 is very bad? - and it has some instructions described that you could try using. Please let me know whether this helps!