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6 years ago

Test suit only runs the first test case



some people in the team is facing a problem when are trying to execute a Test Suite. Only the first test cases runs.

The execution of the 1st test case ends properly, but Soap doesn't continue executing the rest of the test cases.


It happens with all the Test Suites (some of them have been executed for months).


Any idea? Thanks in advance

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  • Let me add some extra information:

    - We've detected that the current situation:

    1. We open SoapUI > open Test Suite > execute: it only executes one test case

    2. We open the "Starter page" (we keep it open)

    3. We try to execute exactly the same Test Suite: all the test cases are executed...



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      Having the exact same problem.


      SoapUI worked fine for months, then one day I disabled the startup page and after that only the first testcase in a testsuite ran. When I re-enabled the startup page, all the testcases ran once more.


      Interestingly, even with the startup page disabled, I was still able to execute a full testsuite all at once by using the "launch testrunner" context menu item.


      I wonder if this is a sneaky annoaynce left in to encourage people to migrate to the pro version O.o