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3 months ago

I can no longer log into my free account workspaces

I can no longer log into my free account workspaces



I never get a mail. 

We checked all spam filters and security mesures, but no findings. It still works for my colleague in the same domain...

I had used my account for a stoplight trial that then expired and since I seem to have an issue with the account.

Thanks for any help.


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  • The same. We are even managed to get to this point but its always "something went wrong" 


  • Hello, our team at Holiday eSIM also tried it but it keeps redirecting to another page. Please, give me any advice on how to resolve this.

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    I've verified that all security and spam filters are turned on, but I'm still not getting emails. It's interesting that my colleague in the same domain still finds success with it.

    After using my account for a Stoplight trial that has since ended, it appears that I'm having problems with it. Would you kindly help? 


    Jhon Smith

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  • I do receive the email, but the link in the email redirects me to the same 'forgot password' page... endless loops.