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12 months ago

Error message Can't read from file

Hi everyone, I am dealing with a peculiar validation error on our swagger UI implementation. The swagger validator is marking the website as invalid, and when you click on the validator link it returns the error message: 

{"schemaValidationMessages":[{"level":"error","message":"Can't read from file"}]}

the strange thing is that if I browse to from an external computer The text of the documentation is displayed, so the url is publicly accessible. 


Any ideas?

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    The error suggests a Swagger validation issue with your website's Swagger UI, stating it can't read from the specified file. Verify that your Swagger documentation adheres to a valid Swagger/OpenAPI specification, check Swagger UI configuration for the correct documentation URL, address potential CORS concerns, ensure proper HTTPS setup, confirm accurate base path configuration, check file permissions, and examine firewall/proxy settings. Utilize debugging tools to inspect network requests for more insights. This systematic approach should help identify and resolve the problem.