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3 months ago

Object in Query must be sent inline, not plain


I have a query parameter in my Swagger doc, let's call it "tree". It is an object and can for example look like this:


Whenever Swagger sends this query parameter to the server, it looks like this (encoded, of course - here, I put it decoded, for better readability){"apple":{"count":1}}

This does not work in my server. I need the object to be sent in this format:[apple][count]=1

Is there any way to achieve this with Swagger?

My config is pretty basic, just:

"tree": { 
  "name": "tree",
  "description": "a tree",
  "in": "query",
  "schema": {
    "$ref": "#/components/schemas/theParent/properties/tree"

The schema itself is pretty complicated, but it is a plain object, defined with properties.

If there is a way to adjust the sending of parameters, I would be very grateful!

Thank you and best regards,




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