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3 years ago

Swagger ObjectMapper Customization

Should be a simple enough thing, but four days gone still no answer... so here I am.

I have a REST API for which I want to generate swagger.yaml WITHOUT nulls (i.e. Include.NON_NULL)

My servlet web.xml is configured to successfully call the Swagger endpoint located in: io.swagger.jaxrs.listing.BaseApiListingResource


public class ApiListingResource extends BaseApiListingResource {

ServletContext context;

@Produces({MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, "application/yaml"})
@ApiOperation(value = "The swagger definition in either JSON or YAML", hidden = true)


All of this works, happy, I get the YAML or JSON.


So what is the problem: I cant get the JsonInclude.Include.NON_NULL applied to the correct ObjectMapper so I get 3/4 of the output as "xxxxxx" : null.

I see many online examples using Spring that show how to do this, but I do not use Spring..

I see many online examples using code Annotations that show how to do this, but I do not have any code where I could put annootations

I have a Bootstrap where I customize the Swagger base documant and then set it onto the ServletContext: context.setAttribute("swagger", swagger);

I have a Jersey config servlet (in web.xml) that uses an instance of: io.swagger.jersey.config.JerseyJaxrsConfig.

I have been scouring these two touch points (Bootstrap, JerseyJaxrsConfig) looking at source code, and so far nothing.

I can get it to work if I alter the swagger databind JAR (forcing NON_NULL) and rebuild, but not a good option.

This has to be easy guys, what am I missing? Do I override some static class? Create a provider and register is somewhere?


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