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12 years ago

.net application menu.

I am testing a .net application and while recording the scripts the menu options in the application are recorded with the x and y  position of the menu control on the screen and not the actual text on the control. I want to access the text or caption of the menu control which is not visible even in the object browser Text or Caption property. The application has a silverlight component to it hence it is layered. The menu controls are of the type popup??.  I am a novice to .net, silverlight and testcomplete. Couple  of my applications menu options switch places with each other as a result of which my tests fail. So I want to access the text or caption of the control and check in the script if the correct menu option is picked. At the same time all the other controls on the application are recorded with the text property of the object ie the caption or name of the controls. the menu is dynamically generated everytime a user logs into the application.

  • Hi Kalpita,


    It looks like the zoom in your browser isn't set to 100%. Set it - TestComplete should recognize objects on the page.

    As for the controls, I'd suggest that you read the "Supported Controls" article - it contains the list of controls officially supported by TestComplete. Do you see your menu control on the list?


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