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2 years ago

Anyone seeing negative behavior with Click and ClickItem methods with recent upgrades? Web Testing

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  • Working with latest version of TestComplete and browsers (Predominantly Chrome and Edge)

Over the last month or so I've been seeing pre-existing established code become flaky.  This seems to be in addition to the recent browser update problems people had with Chrome and Edge.


.Click() method

In the past, this method always seemed to bring the object into view prior to executing the click.  This process seems flaky now.  Seeing number of inconsistent errors around attempting to click items that are outside the window display.


I've had to insert calls prior to the .Click call.  First tried ScrollIntoView, but this has always been flaky, migrated to a .focus() call followed by a short .Delay().  


.ClickItem() method

In the past, this method has been pretty reliable.   Whether providing the string or index to select.  Now when I provide a string value to click, it seems mis calculate the item's index value and selects the wrong value.


In some cases I've had to go back to old hacks - such as, set focus to the field and send down arrow keys to it (getting the current value, and looping this until it matches the value I want to select).


Curious to see if anyone else had had these issues.



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    If you can provide examples (with code) of it not working, then we can have a look.


    I use both methods a lot in my testing, and have not come across any issues in the latest version of TC and Chrome