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15 years ago

Can´t map message box objects on Spanish Vista PC

I´m trying to map message box objects on a Spanish Vista PC.  Specifically, I need to be able to map the text of a bunch of message boxes.  I´ve done this successfully on both an English and German PC´s with no issues.  When I try to map the object on the Spanish PC, it appears very different:

Aliases.Data_Messenger.Window("#32770", "Error de configuración de Data Messenger", 1).Window("Static", "Duración en días del histórico de registro no válida: en la ficha General, en el área Mensajes del sistema, valor introducido superior al máximo, estableciendo al valor predeterminado 365.", 2)

But after clicking OK, I only get the text from the title bar:

WndClass = 32770

WndCaption = Error de configuración de Data Messenger

On the English and German PCs when I map the same object, I don't get the ("#32770", "Error de configuración de Data Messenger", 1) part like what appears above in the Spanish example.

After clicking OK, I get the text of the message box and the object is a static object.

WndClass = Static

WndCaption = the text of the message box that I'm capturing

It appears that no matter if I select the entire message box, the text I want, or  the OK button, I get the same result.  Only the title bar part is mapped.  But, if I use the "display object properties" tool, and select the text of the message box, I see exactly what I'd expect. 

Why am I seeing this difference on the Spanish PC?

I am using TestComplete 7.52.678.7.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hello Jeff,

    I don't think this behavior has something to do with the Spanish OS. The behavior you are describing is correct and expected - to map an element of a dialog, you need to map the dialog window first. This is the way Name Mapping works in TestComplete - to map an object, you need to map all its parent, grandparent, etc. objects up to the Sys node.

    So, map the dialog box and then you will be able to map its elements.