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3 years ago

Cannot obtain the popup menu error

Hi everyone,


I have an error on a old project who were working fine. it's regarding the popup menu selection

 " Cannot obtain the popup menu "

but the variable passed exists and still works sometimes.



function rightClickDossierAndSelectOption(option){

let grid_incap_records = DossiersObjects.get_grid_incap_record();
child = grid_incap_records.FindChild("Id","1",100);

if (child.VisibleOnScreen && grid_incap_records.VisibleOnScreen){



and the info passed with option is "Créer une feuille de renseignements". I've checked with a log.Message to control the option and it's ok.

I really dont know why it doesnt works sometimes..

I tried to modify the delay before the click, without delay or else..


Can you please help me?