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3 years ago

Having Name Mapping problems with a buttonKeep object using xPath


I have a button that is dynamic in several webscreens using TestComplete.

I have a buttonKeep object that is successfully implemented in the first screen it goes through the first screen and selects a Word and Excel document copies data up and then I paste it to the website

//div[(contains(@style,'display: block'))]//button[@id='Keep']

OR //div[not(contains(@style,"display:none'))]//button[contains(@class, 'fr-keep-word')]

OR //button[contains(@class, 'fr-keep-word')]

OR //div[2]/div/div/button[2]

OR //div[contains(@style,'display: block')]

Now I will select a screen that will move me on to a series of dropdowns where I will do the same thing in one of the drop downs. The system wants to add a different buttonKeep object everytime I run the test rather than recognized that the item had been mapped correctly earlier. Or even when I selected the first time I run the test. These suggestions were based on what I have found on stackoverflow but we need to figure this out.


Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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  • An additional thing I noticed in the mapping editor is that while the item is showing as a mapped item in the 

    Alias in this case

    cruise alias

    buttonKeep and then the information inside that object


    Above the alias you see the menu of mapped objects it says the object is not present in this area at all.