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4 years ago

How to handle hidden text box elements

Hi Team,

I had implemented the "If object" for my validation.


If Object Aliases.browser.pageHome2.textbox6 Exists

textbox6 SetText "******" Sets the text '*******' in the 'textbox6' text editor.

buttonApplyFan ClickButton Clicks the 'buttonApplyFan' button.

This means IF textbox6 exists it will enter Number and click apply if not proceed with the next steps. But right now, if textbox6 does not exist on a particular page but is still entering the number on the text box.

But text box not exists

can anyone please suggest how to solve this issue

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    Let's see a screenshot of this piece of your code.  Sometimes it's not formatted the way you think it is and the errors follow.

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      Here is how I was able to fix it with the help of the solution architect from Lexington.


      1.The "Text Box" was invisible> However, it was still inputting the data in the invisible "text box:


      2. To avoid the same, I unselected child items.
      Final Findings - The script was adding "number" in the Text Box field automatically. Ideally, it ideally inputs " Only Text"


      Attached sample screenshot