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15 years ago

How to synchronise projects created by different people in same project suite.

1. In our company, two people are creating projects and scripts. I have created project suite1 and a project called test1 in that suite in my local drive.

2. If i save this suite in my shared network drive will it save project and it's items also. will i be able to execute from that shared network drive.

3. If other person created project in her local drive, can she also save it under the shared network under the same project suite and will be able to see each other's project's and execute from the shared network drive also apart from executing from local drive where they have been created initially.

Please help us out. That will be great.

I tried this. save as  from project explorer, it save the project suite but it didnot save the project .mds script and folder which has other elements for that ptoject. So i manually went to my local c:\  and copied the complete folder in which it created the project suite. Then i tried to execute project from shared network it is asking me whether i want to save as project suite of the project name.

So I am really looking into how to acheive this. If any body has an idea about this please let me know.

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  • Hi Sri,

    Copy the new project folder into the project suite folder located on a shared drive. After that, open the project suite, right-click the project suite node in the 'Project Explorer' panel and select the 'Add | Existing Item...' item from the context menu. Specify the new project's MDS file to add the project to the suite.

    Please let me know if this does not work for you.
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    I have copied the new project folder to be added in the network project suite folder. and opened project suite in v:\ and i am able to see my new projects added to v:\ project suite.

    Looks like this is working.

    Please let me know if is ok or do i have to open in v:\ and add projects there. But when i add like this i don't think i see other items of the project like keyword tests, scripts, etc....

  • Hi Sri,

    It's ok. You just need to be sure that you have all folders containing your projects within the project suite folder. This is not required, but this makes things easier as this is the standard location for newly created projects.
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    Thanks for that.

    Now i have found something new.

    I created a project suite , "TestSuite" and a project, "TestProject" in my local c:\.... .

    I copied the project suite folder to shared network drive V:\....

    I was able to access my project suite  in shared network and execute form there.

    I opened my proect suit in local c:\... again and made some changes to the steps of keyword testing.

    I observed that it is changing the script in shared network v:\.... also automatically without me saving manually.

    I was in the intension that it will not change anything in shared unless i copy or replace the project suite again in shared network v:\.....

    The goal is i want to save in shared network drive which is backed up everyday, so that if my system crashes i can retrieve from shared v:\.......

    Please let me know what to do.

    Also i observed that another person accessed a keyword test from shared v:\.... of my project and added to her project suite as add exixting item. She made couple of changes to that step locally in her c:\ the script was not working in another browser version.

    What i saw was it actually modified my keyword test in v:\.... of my project and also i saw that it modified the test in my local c:\.......

    I am getting confused here.

    If other person wants to add my keyword test as existing item and modify a little bit to work for her without changing my keyword test in my project either in shared network v:\..... or c:\....... what should we do.