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3 years ago

Login object cannot be found anymore



the web site that I'm testing uses Basic authentication for the login. 

Lately, I cannot access to the "Login" form anymore.

I don't understand the reason behind this. In my remember, I've not changed anything on the browser configuration, probably the browser is updated to a newer version (I mainly use Edge, and the current version is 92.0.902.55) but there is the issue also using other browsers.


When code worked, the Login window was a direct child of the "page" element, and I did the login with this code:

let page = Sys.Browser().Page("*");
if (page.WaitChild("Login", 3000).Exists)
let login = page.Login;


so, using the Login object, like documented here:


Now, the Login object doesn't exist anymore.

Do you have an idea of the reason behind this and, eventually, how to solve it?




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    3 years ago

    Thanks everyone for this great discussion.

    To sum this up, I found simonaferrara's ticket (00485161), they were able to solve this using a patch provided by our support engineer.

    So, please do contact support for similar issues.

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    What version of TestComplete are you on?  Did you upgrade recently?

  • I have the same problem with the Confirm Object also testing with Edge Browser (support ticket already opened). On 23rd of July everything worked fine and after the weekend Confirm Object couldn't be clicked anymore.  Maybe R & D needs to take a closer look at this.

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      DanNad Open your own support ticket at the link I posted above.  Multiple reports will help the research effort.

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      I've opened a ticket for the Login issue and it is on-going, hoping a solution will be found because, for me, it blocks all tests for pages using basic authentication.