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6 years ago

ODT - Alternatives & Javascript Capabilities ?

Hi All,


ODT ( is going to be a depecated feature. So that an alternative is shared


/ Define a custom class
function customClass() 

  // Define a class property
  var classProperty;

// Define a class routine
customClass.prototype.classRoutine = function()
  // ...

function Test() 
  var obj;
  // Create an instance of the class
  obj = new customClass();
  // Set the class property
  obj.classProperty = 41;
  // Call the class routine


This alternative works for JavaScript too?!!


tristaanogre shankar_r

  • Vallalarasu_P

    I never used ODT feature. But the alternative given here is what I have used to emulate the Page Object Model pattern in both JScript and JavaScript (using the protoype option). Its working absolutely fine as we expect.

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