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12 years ago

Problems with "SpyTool" and XE3 x64 using TC 9.20

We just bought a TC 9.2 version based on the new XE3 x64 support.

We run into a problem when testing a 64-bit application produced with Embarcadero Delphi XE3.
Exploring an object with the "Spy tool" shows Standard and Extended properties but no Debug Agent section.
There is no issue with x32- and x64 Applications produced with Delphi XE2 (with same settings).

Test example: It is simple to reproduce this issue, it is enough to create default VCL Forms Application and use "Spy tool".

  • Hi Guys,


    The R&D team has reproduced this problem with 64-bit apps and prepared a patch that should fix it. If you face this issue, contact our Support team to get it.


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