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2 years ago

Run tests by specifying a single project within Azure DevOps release task

Hi all,


I've got a Test Suite that contains several projects, and I'm trying if there is possibility within the AzureDevops "Visual Studio Test" release task, with "Test assemblies" selection, to run the tests by specifying a single project (file .mds instead of .pjs).


By trying it with the "Test files" field filled as follows: **\MyProject.mds , no tests are executed.


I've searched through the documentation and found the following:

where it is specified only the possibility to set the test files field with a .pjs file.


There could be possibility to specify a single project to be executed?


My question comes from the consideration that, if I cannot specify a single project, I'll have to set the test items within all projects with unique names though the entire project suite, otherwise I may not care about it and I could have the same test item groups name in different projects.