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4 years ago

send multiple data in auto emaill text body


I'm working on auto mail function to send test result reports automatically when all testItems execute.

And it's working fine. but now challenge is to send muliple messages as textbody in mail. 


mMessage.textbody = I need to send data that comes from different-2 functions also I have to writedown here basic mail communication message......

i tried to do this by mMessage.textbody = "hi....anything."+ value1 + value2 + value 3 +value 4

but this values are not displaying in that mail also mail message is not proper.


Once again, I'm getting data from a function that provide me data of testitems execution result whats is executed, pass, fail, starttime, endtime, RunTime

an now I need to send this data in sendmail function(in mMessage.textbody) where I have also send basic communication message.
how can i handle this? please guide me.