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10 years ago

Shorten alias passed to Run Script Routine

When using the Run Script Routine in a keyword test, how do you use a short reference to the field name instead of having to enter the whole long name?

See attached example. In the first part of the example i am just using the standard ClickItem keyword event and you can see the field is only called "selectType".

I the second example I pass that field to a function to do the same thing.

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    My suggetion is to shorten the Alias name

    For example you me not need "Selectionmain.panel...section" part intesting

    You just need to make sure "PageCmQa........" has object "FromAddclient...SelectType".

    in which case in name mapping you may drag and drop "FromAddclient...SelectType" to  "PageCmQa........"  for more detail please refer