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2 years ago

sys.browser has stopped working in Chrome and Edge


Since chrome updated to the latest version (a few minutes ago and over the last few days on my server), the command sys.browser("chrome") is not finding the browser.
I am running Chrome Version 113.0.5672.64 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Just before receiving this version on one PC, the tests all ran successfully.

There doesn't appear to be any patches for this version.

Any suggestions?

  • Latest update on the Chrome 113 issue - 


    Chrome has released an update to their version 113 that stabilizes the TestComplete web testing experience. The TestComplete team has been swarming since discovery of this issue. Although the Chrome update resolved the issues being seen, we will still be releasing a new version of TestComplete this week to ensure this will not cause issues in future versions of Chrome. Additionally, the impact to Edge has been identified and we anticipate an update early next week.

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