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6 years ago

Test Complete doesnot recognise Objects

Hi Guys,


I am currently creating tests for Desktop application built on Delphi and have created a few tests last week and run it successfully. For some reason on running the same tests today ,all are failing with error " Objects does not exist" .

There was no update done to the application and not really sure whats causing the issue.


Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


Thank You.

  • Hi ISR,

    This happened because the AcePayForm and wndAcePayForm objects contain different values in name mapping identifiers. Perhaps, some non-reliable properties, such as Index, were used to map these objects. Another situation, which occurs very often, identifiers used to map objects change their values from run to run. 


    You will need to explore all mapping identifiers and remove unreliable ones or add wildcards. All possible steps are listed in this article - I recommend that you go through it:


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      Hi ISR,


      I use Delphi apps also, you don't really need to use debug info. I prefer to not use debug info to be under the same conditions as the final user.


      I'm asking myself if you use mapping. If you don't, there are elements in memory that changes at each instance, so a test that works a day may fail another.

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        HI m_essaid  ,


        According to my understanding Name mapping is done automatically by Test Complete. But yes I see that the components name have been changed from earlier.

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      anupamchampati  Yes I am using Debug Build for testing and have checked the project properties as per the link it is as per the link, except .TDS file not being in the same folder as the tested application. On compiling and running the tests again made no difference too.