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6 years ago

Trying to get Hex/RGB value of a color preview swatch, please help!

Hi everyone


In configuration page some colors are customizable. 

  • When clicked on any of the input fields, a color chooser pops up.
  • Selecting a color populates the field with the hex value.
  • The preview swatch updates to the selected color.

I am trying to access the hex value of the preview color. After some reading, this is what I came up with:

(I have noticed that swatch value shows up as Hex in Chrome but as RGB in IE!)


  var colorPrimary = page.QuerySelector(".evo-colorind");
  var style = page.contentDocument.defaultView.getComputedStyle(colorPrimary, "");




I am getting JavaScript runtime error 0x80020101 at 'style' var. Any help deeply appreciated.

  • backgroundColor is not a method, it's the actual property.   So, just compare that property to the desired value.



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      Hi Rudolph


      Thanks for the link. This will help me understand what I am doing wrong.


      Thanks. :)

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        Glad it could help


        What stood out to me is that it appears the style they are picking up is "backgroundColor" rather than "background-color"

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    I am surprised that even the Smartbear support team is surprisingly quiet! Does this mean there is no way TestComplete can do this!!?

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      Actually, I think the difference is beyond even just whether or not it shows as RGB versus Hex...  I have a checkpoint set up that does something similar.... but the caveat that I have is that it will work with IE only.  I think the contentDocument property/object or some of the methods and properties of it are only available in IE.  That would be where I'd start, to put a breakpoint on that line and do some investigation as to why JavaScript is burping there... 

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        Thanks Robert!


        You are always there when I need help!  I almost gave up hope. I will give it a try tomorrow and let you know.