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5 years ago

Zephyr for Jira upgrade 5.x search criteria for labels are not found

We recently upgraded our Zephyr for Jira version to and now our users are unable to find their test cases with the Zephyr for Jira search filter below.  It appears labels are not all showing up in the Zephyr search criteria however when searching within Jira search criteria the test cases are shown. Jira reindex and Zephyr hard re-index has been done but still issue exist. Anyone come across this issue after upgrading their Zephyr for Jira to 5.x? 


project = "ECOMM" AND fixVersion = "Release 2.11" AND cycleName in ("UAT Cycle 1") AND labels = eComm_Production


should find 111 test cases, finds 0

we have validated there is data in the fields


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      Good Morning,


      We have contacted support and still no solution of our issue.

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        Thanks for contacting the support team, rosieluong. I'm sure they will do their best to assist you.

        What is your case #?

  • Hi,


    After the Zephyr update 5.0.0 I have a simialr issue where some of my Users cannot use the Zephyr link in Jira and once they click it a 'loading app' error message is displayed. This is stopping testing in my organisation for a few projects as we now have to revert to using spreadsheets. I have put a case in 00408299 and I only get one email a day supporting me. The last email I received was three days ago. 


    I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue or if anyone has workaround I can use.


    We use Jira Cloud and use Zephyr for Jira add-on.