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2 years ago

Automatic update of test results while using Cucumber/JSON/Cypress

TLDR;how do I update test execution status using Cypress, Cucumber, JSON and Zephyr Scale data centre edition? 


Some background info.

We use Zephyr Scale, Data Center Edition.
Our test framework is Cucumber

Our automation tool is Cypress

We use Cucumber for our feature files 
We run our automation via Gitlab.

Our test cases are organised in the Cycle, and further subdivided onto folders for each country we test

Our test cases in Zephyr are also just placeholders (they contain no test steps) that map 1:1 with our automated test scripts

We always pass/fail the entire test case in Zephyr based on our regression test results 


this last step takes forever, and this is what I want to automate. In the absence of clearer documentation, I believe that this --> Annotations With Other CI Tools/Running Locally | Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Documentation ( <-- solves that issue.


My expectation is that once this is implemented, the test execution status is updated automatically in Zephyr Scale, based on the results of the automation and the JSON file that Cucumber outputs.  


Is this how this functionality works, and does anyone have experience in getting this to work that they are willing to share?

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