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3 years ago

Can you link test cycles to Jira tickets like we can with test cases?

I looked but didn't see a way to do this other than paste the url into the description... is it possible to link test cycles like we can with test cases?


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    Hi Diana,


    If you go to the Traceability tab of the Test Cycle, you should see a plus button to the right of the Issues section.  This will enable you to create issues for cycles.


    Hope that helps.



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      The problem is that if a testcase already has a test execution from another Jira ticket, that execution shows up in Jira as the result. I'm not sure what exactly the OP was asking, but what's needed is a way to either restart the display of test executions at the start of a sprint (kinda useful) or to tie a test execution to a specific ticket so that when the testcase is added results from other tickets aren't displayed.