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3 years ago

How attach files after an automated execution

A few weeks ago we purchased Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud. I know how it works on Server version and now I implemented the cloud version for execution test, there I don't have any issues, however after an execution I can't upload files like the server version, where the url is like this "/testresult/{testResultId}/attachments" to post a file from a previous result. I'm trying to figure out how I can upload files, but checking the API information I could use " /automations/executions/custom" and I'm getting the following response:


"errorCode": 400,
"message": "Couldn't find any mapped test cases",
"status": "Bad Request"


How I can resolve this?
Are there any alternatives for cloud version to accomplish this? 


In this place for Server version I was able to upload files after an execution with "/testresult/{testResultId}/attachments", for example:

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    Hi Ravenoslen ,


    as far as I know, the cloud API does not allow for attachments to be added to test execution (you can't even update existing executions).


    The "/automations/executions/custom" endpoint you mentioned is meant to be used for results in Zephyr Scale's custom format (see, so this won't help you much, I guess.


    I'm worried about this, because we are thinking about switching to cloud and uploading files to test executions is essential for any automated test.




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      Hi josh42 


      Thanks for your feedback. I'm agree too, it's important upload files as an additional evidence for users, I don't know if smartbear will add that feature soon for Jira Cloud. In the other hand, as a workaround I'm thinking to upload those evidences in other repository and refer that information as a hyperlink in the comment section or upload those files in the main jira issue traced inside the test case, but the idea is doing inside the execution test.

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        Hi Ravenoslen ,

        I'm also trying the same. recently we moved to cloud and I'm trying to upload files in test cycle. i tried with custom API and not working.

        Any solution for this