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2 years ago

How to get issues reported on a test cycle or test plan

I can't seem to find any way to report issues reported and linked to test cases pertaining to a test cycle or test plan. 

Zephyr server had a report for issues reported on testing and you could filter the report "top impacts impacting testing" to pick up issues from a specific plan or cycle. But none of this options are available in cloud. I also can't find any JQL that would achieve this. 


Seems like a minimum requirement for a test management tool, that it allows you to list issues reported on a given cycle or plan, so there must be something in place?


Note: I use Zephyr cloud.

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    Unfortunately there's no perfect solution while we wait for this to be ported, which I assume/hope is going to happen.


    To workaround the gap you could try running a report and exporting the data to get what you want:


    - Open a 'test execution results list' report

    - Add filter criteria for your chosen test plan(s) or test cycle(s)

    - Add filter criteria to only show test cases with issues

    - Export the report dataset

    - Look at these columns in combination with the Test Cycle to get your report:

      -  Execution.Linked Issues

      -  Execution.Count of Linked Issues

      -  Test Cycle.Key

      -  Test Cycle.Name