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3 years ago

Importing Test Results from MS Excel


I have a situation where exported test cases from Zephyr need to be executed in an Excel spreadsheet.  Is there a way to import the test results (pass, fail, blocked, etc) back into Zephyr?  

Thank you. 

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    I believe this is possible and you should be able to overwrite the existing test cases with updated data.  Here are some links on importing that might help:


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    All topics in this community with the word Import in them (might be handy if you come across an issue)

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    Hope that helps.



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      Thank you. For some further clarification...If I import the pass/fail
      results with the test cases back into Zephyr, would this be reflected as a
      passed or failed execution of such test cases?
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        I've not had to do make this arrangement before and thought that the result field would be there but it's not, so to answer your question: can you import the result from Excel to Scale, it seems not.  You can however use the API to achieve this - I've added a link to the Server API page.  The testresult endpoint looks like the one you need (text description added below the link)


        Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (



        Updates the last Test Result on the specified Test Run, looking for an item that matches the testCaseKey and the query string filter parameters. Only defined fields will be updated.  If more than one item is found using the specified parameters, only the first one of them will have the Test Result updated.  The updated data can be seen inside the specified Test Run, looking for the last Test Results of the Test Case that matches the request parameters.