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2 months ago

Jira / Zephyr reporting


Within Jira I have test cases and test cycles linked however when exporting all fields as .csv for Jira  issues into excel the Zephyr information is not available - Is there a solution for extracting Zephyr info via Jira? 

Zephyr and Jira should be integrated in my simple mind - hope I am making sense thanks in advance for your kind help 

( other than than the Zephyr reports which are only available as PDFs) 

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    Hi Nasar,

    Jira & Zephyr are separate systems that are linked only by Issues.  You can export details of Issue data (Jira) and Test data (Zephyr) in their own systems, but you can't get the same level of detail for both systems in one export from either system, because for example, Jira only sees Issues that are linked to Zephyr (and can't access the Zephyr data) - this is how I think of it in my mind at least.

    The best compromise I can currently think of is to run a Zephyr report like Test Execution Results (list), and export that to CSV - you should be able to do this by clicking the export button in the top right-hand corner of a report.  The report will have the Zephyr detail and should also include Jira Issue numbers, but I don't think much more than that.

    Another potential solution I've not tried is to use the Jira & Zephyr APIs to independently get the data you need, but that could be quite a bit of effort in setting up.


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      Thank you MisterB,  though it's frustrating that you Jira & Zephyr are not linked. It feels like it's hot day and though your car has air conditioning it does'nt work - In the sense that on the surface it appears that this is an integrated system ( Zephyr / Jira) but scratch the surface and ...  

      I am not going to mark this as solution because someone at Jira / Zephyr needs to take note ( here is hoping)