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4 years ago

Zephyr Scale - Cucumber and Junit test results metadata

I am on Zephyr Scale Server.

Details of automated tests results that gets sent to Zephyr Scale does not give a lot of meaningful data. I am following Smartbear's integration guide to send results up to Zephyr Scale []

i.e. by sending zipped cucumber.json or junit files to the appropriate endpoint.

Problems : 

1. All automated runs creates new cycle with the name "Automated build" always. It's hard to differentiate builds when working with multiple projects in parallel. I should be able control the created cycle name. 

2. Details of environment, version etc are not updated from the results file

3. Details of failure are not captured in Zephyr scale even though it's on the the result file. The test simply fails without giving details of why it failed. It need to be able to update as many meaningful information as possible to the failed tests in Zephyr Scale


I am aware that Zephyr apis []allows us to build a bespoke solution to fix the above problems. However, i am cautious of building additional code as wrappers and would like to use out of the box solution as much as possible for maintenance and cost purpose. 


What is the recommended automated test reporting practice from Zephyr Scale team?



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